Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels, like windows, get dirty from daily exposure to environmental debris.

For some time, the common belief was that a rainfall was enough to keep solar panels clean. However, the rain will not clean your solar panels any more than it cleans your home’s windows. Rain contains airborne environmental particles that attach surfaces and remain there after the water evaporates. Add to that dust, pollen, car pollution and bird droppings to mention just a few, and you end up with layer after layer of grime obstructing sun absorption. 

Solar panels are even more exposed than regular windows because of their position; think about those conservatory or greenhouse windows… Because you never look through your solar panels, you probably haven’t realized how dirty they become, but studies show that this buildup can reduce your system’s energy yields by up to 30%. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning at regular intervals not only keeps your panels operating optimally, but regular checks can also identify issues like cracks or fire risks and prevented them from developing into something worse.

We recommend cleaning your solar panels at least once a year, and twice a year if they are near to a high traffic road, a farmer’s field or subject to a high incidence of bird droppings. Our non-abrasive cleaning techniques will help your system last longer, look better, but most of all, generate more energy. And wasn’t that the reason you made that significant investment in the first place?

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