Shingle Roof - One Story Houses

$2.00 sq ft

Shingle Roof - Two Story Houses

$2.50 sq ft

Shingle Roof - Three Story Houses

$3.00 sq ft

Metal Roof - Any Height

$3.00 sq ft

Slate Roof


* Square footage price may increase based on roof height, pitch, configuration, and material, accessibility issues, or excessive moss, grim, and/or sap.
* $500 minimum charge per job. Can be for combined services, highest service minimum applies.
* 10% off when booking two or more services together. Each service must reach the minimum charge to qualify.
* Discount will be given at the time of booking.

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To provide you with an accurate estimate or to book a service we need to know the roof square footage, height and material. Pictures are extremely helpful too. Please gather that information before contacting us so that we can serve you better.

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