Window films are an easy and affordable upgrade for any standard glass. Whether you are looking for more privacy, comfort, or style, we can install the film of your choice right after cleaning your windows.

Heat Control Window Film

This film helps cool down hot spots, reduce glare and protect furnishings from UV rays. And unlike blinds or drapes, they give you clear views, allowing in natural light while enhancing comfort. We use Titanium tint, which filters 70% of sun heat and 93% of UV rays.


Glare Control Window Film

This film is ideal for your home office or entertainment room, as it makes more comfortable to look at any electronic device, even in the most sun-flooded room. It blocks 80% of glare and also 98% of UV rays to help carpet and upholstery from fading.


Privacy Window Film

We use the frosted finish, which looks like etched glass and complements any room decor. This film  blocks views at any time of day, whether viewing from indoors or out, while allowing natural light to pass through. It also blocks 99% of UV rays. 

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